Jeep LJ Transfercase and Engine Skidplate

Jon came to me with a need for more clearance under his jeep.  After looking at the beat up sheetmetal skidplate that was under his jeep we quickly came up with plan for more beef!


I fabricated two crossmembers and redid the complex stock jeep t-case mount.  The crossmembers are structural and will support the trans and t-case even with the skidplate removed which makes maintanence easier.  The skidplate is 1/4″ thick steel and is also structural.  Combined the crossmembers and skidplate should be able to take quite a hit!

2013-12-28 11.22.202013-12-29 16.59.51DSCN3959

Jon also wanted an engine skidplate to protect the oil pan and trans pan.  A front mount was fabricated off the engine mounts and another 1/4″ skidplate welded together.  I welded some 3/16″ strap to the bottom of the skid for extra support.DSCN3956

2014-01-04 14.55.06

Jon was also worried about the stock rubicon air lockers and rightly so with them being mounted directly on the allread bent stock skidplate.  Now the air lockers are mounted on top of the rear crossmember 1.5″ away from the skid.  The skid plate also wraps around the back to further protect the lockers and plumbing from rocks and trail debris.

DSCN3961 DSCN3964 DSCN3962