Plated D60 Knuckles

Its common knowledge that stock D60 front kingpin outer knuckles aren’t the strongest.  Luckily, I have chevy front knuckles that are stronger than the ford versions.  The weak point is where the top of the kingpin meets the spindle attachment area.  Vehicles with highsteer wind up twisting that kingpin mounting surface off the rest of the knuckle.


An easy, and better yet, economical solution to expensive aftermarket knuckles, is to plate the knuckle.  Simply by adding plates front and back can significantly increase the strength of the stock knuckle. 

I used some cardboard to make templates and cut them out of 1/4″ plate.  I then used a sanding disc and cleaned up the knuckle surfaces in prep for welding.  Heating the knuckle up with a torch helps get a better penetrating weld at the start.  Luckily these are cast steel and weld rather well.  Then just let them slow cool, the slower the better.


I did have to do a bit of “blacksmithing” to get the plate pieces to conform to the contours of the knuckle, but it was rather easy.  I’ve seen others that have plating tying the side in above the spindle as well, but for these chevy knuckles I wasn’t as concerned.

So far they’ve been holding up just fine to 40″ tires and hydro assist steering!