Hollister Hills April 2013

Went for a short trip up to Hollister Hills SVRA this past weekend.  I towed the jeep up Friday night and met some friends from the SLO4Wheelers.  I showed up at about 8:30 at night and promptly got lost in the dark.  After being “caught” night wheeling with my truck and jeep on the trailer, I was escorted down to the camp area.  Boy was it packed!

I think I got about 2hrs of sleep that night and the morning was a bit rough.  Luckily the new to me camper shell and a little propane heater helped to take the bite out of the cold morning air.

Tom led us over to the Mcray Road obstacle course so we all could check it out.  Some of us played on one of the rocky sections while the others watched or checked out the rest of it.  If you haven’t seen it, Mcray road is a series of really hard man made obstacles.  Even in my jeep buggy I knew it would be pointless to try most of it.

Bonanza Trail

After checking that out, we cruised over and ran the bonanza trail.  Its your basic Hollister ravine trail. You wind your way up the hill in the bottom of a ravine, often times leaned over so far your cage is touching the opposite embankment.  We spent a little bit of time getting up the trail.  Trails like this aren’t easy on full bodied rigs.  We attempted to go to the top, but found out that it was a dead end.  Coming back down Kenn found out he had sliced a tire so we headed back to camp for lunch.

After lunch, Kenn hoped in my jeep buggy and we took off following Derek and Chad up to the jungle trail, yet another tight ravine trail.  We started in and almost immediately I this overwhelming smell of fuel.  I had been smelling bits here and there all morning, but it was obvious now that something wasn’t right.  We stopped, popped the hood and sure enough fuel is dribbling out of my high pressure line to fuel rail connection.  I knew I didn’t have any parts to fix it, so we decided to limp back to camp rather than risk having a fireball on the trail.  Bummer, my day was over because of a 10 cent o-ring.

Chad coming out of the pit

We then jumped in Kenn’s cruiser and went over to watch the action at the obstacle course.  The highlight came when Chad decided to crawl into the rock pit.  He got most of the way out, but there was this one pesky rock that kept holding him up.  On his last try, a little too much gas, a hop and bounce, and BAM, broken sector shaft on the steering box!

Broken Sector shaft

That was pretty much it.  We got Chad out, loaded up the rigs and took off.  It was a good weekend and I think everyone had fun!  I did, even though my day was cut short, and I’m looking forward to going back!